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Who we are and what we are here for

DPMC is now a mid-sized agency of seven Business Groups, with approximately 250 staff in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. We have a unique role as the trusted advisor, leader, and steward of our system of executive government.

We are unified by an overarching purpose: to advance a confident, well-governed, and secure New Zealand.

A confident New Zealand has a strong sense of nationhood, and can rely upon key institutions and systems to work together in the public interest.

Well-governed means Cabinet decision-making supported by the best available advice and evidence, and a Governor-General ably supported in her constitutional, ceremonial, community, and international roles.

A secure New Zealand is able to respond to and recover from shocks and stressors in a timely and effective way. It proactively builds resilience with a risk-based, reliable, and integrated National Security System.

Our functions

To deliver our purpose, we perform four core functions:

  • Executive government advice and support - serving the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
  • Constitution and nationhood - supporting well-conducted government.
  • National Security - Risk and Resilience – leading an effective National Security System, including cross-government arrangements across the ‘4Rs’ of risk management: reduction, readiness, response, and recovery.
  • Greater Christchurch regeneration - providing leadership and coordination of the Crown's regeneration effort.

Who we're here for

Ensuring that executive government functions well requires us to maintain close relationships of trust and confidence with the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, and Cabinet.

As our role and functions grow, so have the number of Ministerial portfolios we have responsibilities within.

To deliver we need to work more broadly across the department with our increasingly diverse external stakeholders. These include the public service, emergency services, local government, iwi, lifeline utilities, NGOs, the private sector, and outreach to the wider community.

What we stand for

Our spirit characteristics underpin everything we do.

They are what we're about and the values we bring to work every day: principled, vigilant, farsighted, courageous, agile, savvy, resilient.

DPMC people are committed to serve and; willing to lead.