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Chief Executive's overview

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) works to support the government of the day. We do so by advising, leading, supporting and coordinating activities across the public sector, as well as providing specific advice and support to the Governor-General, the Prime Minister and Ministers.

Our core business is enabling effective executive government. This means providing, on a daily basis, advice and support to the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and the Governor-General. We provide decision-makers with a key advantage - expert advice on policy and process - and help translate government priorities into action. We also advise and support key figures in our constitutional arrangements to carry out their roles.

In addition, our role has grown over the last few years, and we now serve Ministers with responsibilities relating to national security, risk and resilience, and the regeneration of greater Christchurch.

Despite this change, our purpose remains the same: advancing a confident, well-governed, and secure New Zealand. It is how we deliver this that is changing, as we take on new responsibilities, set ambitious goals and exercise active leadership, coordination, and stewardship in partnership with our key stakeholders.

In the course of developing our 2017 - 2021 Four Year Plan, we have undertaken a comprehensive refresh of our Strategic Intentions. These Strategic Intentions provide a high level overview of the purpose and functions of the Department, how it fits within the wider state sector and other strategic objectives. Five high-level ‘Challenges’ for DPMC summarise the five medium term strategic priorities that we are aiming to achieve through to the end of the 2020/21 financial year.

The five Challenges include: Increasing support for the Government of the day to set and achieve its priorities; ensuring our system of Cabinet government remains world-leading in the 21st century; enhancing our collective sense of national identity; shaping a National Security System that makes New Zealand more resilient; and, supporting the transition to local leadership of greater Christchurch regeneration.

This version of our Strategic Intentions follows the previous version of our Strategic Intentions which was developed in response to the establishment of an additional unit within the Department. This new unit - the Greater Christchurch Group (GCG) - is responsible for coordinating central government's role in regeneration, including advice to Ministers, administering the new legislation, monitoring and reporting on the overall progress of regeneration, part funding and joint governance of horizontal infrastructure repairs and leading the Recovery Learning and Legacy programme that shares lessons from recovery.

Looking ahead, 2017 is an election year and the Cabinet Office is ready to provide constitutional advice and support. Our strengthened capabilities will ensure we are best prepared to support the priorities of the government of the day.

We will also continue to play a key role responding to the 14 November Kaikōura earthquake. I would like to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly to lead our National Security System and coordinate the initial response and transition to recovery. What this event means for us in the medium-term is still uncertain, but I am confident we are ready to take on the roles required.

Ultimately, the continued success of DPMC will be the result of the hard work done every day by our staff. I am indebted to them for their efforts, as I am to their families and others who provide support to them.

Chief Executive's Statement of Responsibility

In signing this information, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the information on strategic intentions for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. This information has been prepared in accordance with the Public Finance Act 1989 (sections 38 and 40).

Andrew Kibblewhite
Chief Executive

November 2016

Ministerial Statement of Responsibility

I am satisfied that the information on strategic intentions prepared by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is consistent with the policies and performance expectations of the Government.

Rt Hon John Key
Prime Minister

November 2016

Our Purpose - A confident, well-governed, and secure New Zealand

Our Strategic Intentions - We focus our efforts through five Challenges

Our Business Plan - We know where we need to be in four years to achieve this