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Statutory and Formal Responsibilities

The statutory and formal responsibilities of the Secretary of the Cabinet and Clerk of the Executive Council are to:

  • prepare documents associated with the election process under the Electoral Act 1993 and the Constitution Act 1986

  • administer the Civil List Act 1979

  • administer the Seal of New Zealand Act 1977

  • administer the Royal Titles Act 1974

  • certificate subordinate legislation approved in Executive Council in terms of section 32 of the Evidence Act 1908

  • certificate other instruments executed by the Governor-General in terms of the Official Appointments and Documents Act 1919

  • administer the Oath of Allegiance, the Executive Councillor’s Oath and the Parliamentary Under-Secretary’s Oath in terms of section 23 of the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957

  • administer the Statutes of The Queen’s Service Order (1975 and 1981), The Order of New Zealand (1987) and The New Zealand Order of Merit (1996 and 2000)

  • administer the Royal Warrants of the New Zealand Gallantry Awards and the New Zealand Bravery Awards (1999)

  • certificate and seal documents of the New Zealand Government Property Corporation in terms of section 10 of the New Zealand Government Property Corporation Act 1953.