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MinisterMinister of Science and Innovation
Current MinisterHon Paul Goldsmith

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment provides the administrative support for this portfolio.  The Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit, which is part of the Treasury, and the Treasury, provide administrative support for functions in the portfolio concerning Crown Research Institutes.

Crown Entities

Crown Research Institutes1

PFA schedule organisations

Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand Ltd2 (Schedule 4A)

Other Organisations

BSE Expert Science Panel
Marsden Fund Council
Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand
New Zealand Synchrotron Group Limited3


Vote Business, Science and Innovation


Ministry of Science and Innovation
Building Research Levy Act 1969
Callaghan Innovation Act 2012
Heavy Engineering Research Levy Act 1978
Measurement Standards Act 1992
Research, Science and Technology Act 2010
Wheat Industry Research Levies Act 1989

Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit (The Treasury)
Crown Research Institutes Act 1992

1 The shareholding Ministers for Crown Research Institutes are the responsible Minister and the Minister of Finance.

2 Crown-owned company to operate Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network (KAREN). The shareholding
Ministers are the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Research, Science and Technology.

3 Limited liability company owned by seven New Zealand universities and four Crown Research Institutes. The
government is not a shareholder.