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MinisterMinister of Conservation
Current MinisterHon Maggie Barry

Department of Conservation

Crown Entities


PFA schedule organisations

Fish and Game Councils (Schedule 4)
Game Animal Council (Schedule 4)
New Zealand Fish and Game Council (Schedule 4)
New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust Board (Schedule 4)
Reserves Boards1 (Schedule 4)

Other Organisations

Conservation Boards
Guardians of Lakes Manapouri, Monowai and Te Anau
Guardians of Lake Wanaka
Nature Heritage Fund
New Zealand Conservation Authority
Nga Whenua Rahui
Queen Elizabeth II National Trust
Waitangi National Trust


Vote Conservation


Canterbury Provincial Buildings Vesting Act 1928
Conservation Act 1987
Freedome Camping Act 2011 (jointly with the Department of Internal Affairs)
Harbour Boards Dry Land Endowment Revesting Act 1991
Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000
Kaikoura (Te Tai o Marokura) Marine Management Act 2014
Kapiti Island Public Reserve Act 1897
Lake Wanaka Preservation Act 1973
Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978
Marine Reserves Act 1971
Mount Egmont Vesting Act 1978
National Parks Act 1980
Native Plants Protection Act 1934
Nga Tahu (Tutaepatu Lagoon Vesting) Act 1998
Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust Act 1977
Queenstown Reserves Vesting and Empowering Act 1971
Reserves Act 1977
Stewart Island Reserves Empowering Act 1976
Subantarctic Islands Marine Reserves Act 2014
Sugar Loaf Islands Marine Protected Area Act 1991
Te Urewera Act 2014
Trade in Endangered Species Act 1989
Tutae-Ka-weto-weto Forest Act 2001
Waitangi Endowment Act 1932-33
Waitangi National Trust Board Act 1932
Waitutu Block Settlement Act 1997
West Coast Wind-blown Timber (Conservation Lands) Act 2014
Wild Animal Control Act 1977
Wildlife Act 1953

1 As defined in section 2 of the Reserves Act 1977.